Friday, May 3, 2019

Vote Bart Rask for Hillsboro School Board

Sorry I've been too busy on other projects to post in this blog lately.   (Check out my new podcast at ).   But it's time for another school board election, and there is one candidate who I really think we should all support.   Below is the letter I've written to the editors of the local papers.


As a former school board member, I’m writing to encourage my Hillsboro neighbors to vote for Bart Rask for school board.   His personal qualifications are amazing— somehow he’s managed to juggle a successful medical career (where I know him as a grateful patient) with raising 6 children, and still has squeezed in time to volunteer with the schools.

In addition, an important fact to consider is that he is the only candidate NOT unanimously endorsed by sitting board members.  Ask yourself:  do we want the schools run by an insider clique without any hint of dissent, or do we want a contrary voice on the board who will ask tough questions & openly challenge the status quo?   Even if (like me) you do not agree with Dr Rask on every issue, I think this factor is critically important.

Thus, please join me in endorsing & voting for Bart Rask for the Hillsboro school board.