Monday, March 11, 2013

My 2013 Campaign Statement

As a certified teacher, an engineer in Hillsboro's high-tech industry, an 18-year resident of the Hillsboro area, and father of a six-year-old child, I am uniquely qualified to help steer Hillsboro schools in the right direction in these difficult times.

My experience and dedication to education is shown by:

- Local government service on the Hillsboro School District Curriculum Committee and on the Washington County Commission for Children and Families;
- Experience teaching at the college, middle school, and high school levels;
- Experience as chair of an engineering industry subcommittee designing international standards;
- Experience as a volunteer English teacher to immigrants to the Hillsboro area; and
- Host of a free educational podcast, "Math Mutation", rated 5 stars on iTunes.

Our children's education is essential to our future. I feel the priorities of the Hillsboro school district need to be directed towards these critical goals:

1. Results Orientation. Tough choices must be based on real data about what is and is not effective to achieve our educational goals. I will work to find the most cost-effective ways to provide a quality education.
2. Freedom To Innovate. Teachers need the freedom to take advantage of new ideas that may make them more effective. In addition, we must encourage flexible options such as charter/magnet schools and cross-district transfers, creating new opportunities to meet the unique needs of every student.
3. Clear And Open Communication. Through my blog at and occasional Argus columns, I have been continually informing the public on important education issues. I will continue this open dialogue with you as a member of the school board.

For all these reasons, please vote for Erik Seligman for the Hillsboro School District Board of Directors. If you have any questions, please email me at I deeply appreciate your support.

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