Saturday, March 23, 2013

Top Reasons To Donate To My Campaign

As you have probably seen in the previous blog post, I'm now accepting donations.   As you know, every citizen in Oregon effectively gets $50 for free, through the Oregon Political Tax credit, to donate to a campaign of their choice.  Why shoud you choose to spend this on me?
  1. The Hillsboro School Board is a critically important election.   This isn't just the city of Hillsboro- HSD is a "megadistrict", the 4th largest in the state, covering over 20,000 students and over $200 million in budget.   Sitting in one of 7 positions on this board has been said by some to be comparable in influence to a State Representative.   It is unlikely that many other positions elected in this odd year will be of similar importance. 
  2. I have a real shot at winning.   In 2009, I lost by only 56 votes, out of over 9000 cast, to a well-connected insider.    With a fully funded campaign, I'm hoping to do much better this time!
  3. You have no doubt about where I stand on the issues.    I think you'll agree that in this blog and my newspaper columns, I have stated and documented my views on real school issues more clearly and directly than any other candidate.  
For all these reasons, please follow these instructions and donate to my campaign.   Thanks again for your support!

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