Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Revised Campaign Statement

After a thorough revision with the help of some experts, I've submitted the new statement below for the voters' pamphlet.    Tell me what you think!


ERIK SELIGMAN: The Parents’ Choice for Hillsboro School District Board:

·     Past experience teaching at college, middle and high school levels
·     Past experience volunteering as English teacher to Hillsboro area immigrants
·     Host of free educational podcast, “Math Mutation”, rated 5 stars on iTunes
·     Intel Engineer
·     Parent and 18-year resident of the Hillsboro area

"Erik Seligman has a passion for innovation in public education. As a parent of two girls, I’m supporting Erik because he puts the needs of our children ahead of bureaucracy.” -- Jose Orozco, Cornelius City Councilor, (DEMOCRAT)

·     Stop the Cuts to Our Classrooms: Board decisions must be based on real data about what is truly working.  Erik will cut administration costs and protect our classrooms. 

·     Support Innovation and Give Parents Choices: Bureaucratic rules often wear down great teachers. Erik supports giving more freedom to successful teachers and school leaders. He also supports giving parents more choices, so they can find the program that best serves their child’s individual needs.

·     Honest And Open Communication: As a contributor to the Hillsboro Argus, Erik has criticized the district for making decisions behind closed doors and treating parents and the public arrogantly. Erik is dedicated to open dialogue and a transparent public process.

“Erik Seligman has repeatedly opposed cuts to our public schools and supported reforms that would save teacher jobs and improve educational outcomes. As a CPA and mother, I’m supporting Erik because he has a plan to give parents more choices and stop the cuts.”  –Katie Eyre, former state representative, (REPUBLICAN)
Learn more about where Erik stands at, or email him at

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